A meeting of connoisseurs: Foodsmith Express & Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur

Foodsmith Express @ CAFE TUJOH were delighted to be chosen as one of eight restaurants partnering with Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur (GWKL). The Gallery Weekend, which celebrates KL’s cultural and artistic scene selected 8 restaurants and bars to work with, encouraging unique and themed menus specially curated for the weekend. GWKL 2017 welcomed some of the best restaurants in the city, including Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8, and Cafe Tujoh is very proud to have been selected as the main Restaurant representing Petaling Jaya.

Cafe Tujoh hosted the VIP group including international speakers and journalists during the Friday night of GWKL, offering a carefully designed menu, which coupled some of Malaysia’s most popular dishes (Chicken Rendang) with Tujoh’s best-sellers: the pumpkin salad, and the cheesecake. The fusion of Western and Asian cuisine embodied the ideals of the Gallery Weekend which hopes to promote Malaysian culture and art to a wider, international audience.

During the weekend, Cafe Tujoh offered their art-appreciating guests a special discounted lunch menu, emulating the ethos of accessibility which lies at the core of GWKL’s values.


GWKL Logo Date.jpg

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